Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy,
I have given Father's Day allot of thought this year. Since becoming a mother, I will admit to spending more energy on gifts for the Father of my children rather than my own Father. I am sorry about that, although I am sure that this is natural, that women all over the world begin putting the father of their children's needs in front of their own father's. But it's unfortunate too and it was this Mother's day that I realized that my husband has not done the same thing for me. Which I think is also the natural course of things, and as a mother of sons, I can honestly say, I am glad this is so. But as a daughter, I'm feeling a little bit regretful that I haven't shown you more appreciation over the years. I have to say, honestly, that I think of you each and every day. I miss allot about you too.
I miss sitting next to you and leaning my head on your chest and listening to your heart beat.
I miss holding your hand, I always remember this, my hand so small compared to yours, mine so soft and yours so rough.
And Daddy, no one tells a story like you. No one. I miss listening to you tell a story.

I miss you and I love you and I admire you. Every day.
Not just today on Father's Day, but every day of my life.
Please know that today, a little bit more than other days, I wish I could be home and spend time with you.
Happy Father's Day
Love Jenny

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